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..customers we made Smile 

"The story

Far too late, as usual, I decided to do something about my business cards, with only three left. A straight re-order was not on the cards. Although I was happy with the design of the company's current cards, the poor quality materials had been a major disappointment and the nature and branding of the business had changed significantly too.

Having met Smile Colour Printing's Brendan O'Hagan at a networking event I decided to give them a go. One evening I emailed the details across and was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply first thing in the morning. It wasn't just an acknowledgement either, it had some suggested layouts, an (unprompted) idea for the reverse of the card which looked great, and an  impressively low quote.

Over a couple of conversations with Brendan that morning we ironed out the details. Brendan listened to what our company needed and came up with some superb suggestions that showed that he understands that a business needs to carefully consider how it describes and markets itself, as well as knowing the ins and outs of design and card choice.

When the cards arrived they were just as we had agreed, they looked and felt great. And they arrived a day early, just in time for a day with three events lined up to promote the new business, new logo and new look and feel.

I would not hesitate to sincerely recommend Smile and Brendan O'Hagan in particular. In a five-star world, I would award Brendan six."

Chris Hogan,


"Absolutely fantastic.. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the response. My business cards delivered directly into 10 000 local homes, wow what a response. 9 new jobs in the first 10 days and counting. I'm totally booked out in my diary and its clearly because people have my card.. ...better response than anything I've done before to promote my business... I can recommend this to anyone, The product is sound, the company is straightforward, they do what they say."

Paul, PJW Plumbing.

"3 new enquiries this week. All very promising."

Erica, SlimWithin, Coleraine

"3 jobs already, and not all the cards are delivered yet. Can't wait"

Colin, MCP Electrical

"My business partner said no, but I believed in the concept and went with it. 4 sales this week directly attributed to the cards you did for us. People are keeping them, I saw them stacked in a deck in 2 different houses. Great job! I knew the decision would benefit our business "

John, Tower Blinds

"When I was first contacted by Smile Business Cards I was sceptical, but now I've experienced the smooth process and checked for myself the thoroughness of the delivery I'm persuaded. No more questions about if you'll deliver.. I have had feedback already from my sources and I've had new did what you said you would"

Tommy, Beechwood Kitchens, Ballymena

"Great product, great service, Simple."

Andy, Phones Plus, Eglinton

"We've had 5 new customers with the voucher offer we did on your cards, and you haven't delivered the whole 10 000 yet??!! Stop standing here then and get out there and hurry up and get the rest delivered!" Then a few weeks later he said "We averaged 10 calls per week in the 4 weeks since delivery has been completed. Good Job."

Joe, Star Fuels, Aghadowey

"Love the idea, very reasonable price- so much so I went in two editions"

Gerry, Irwin's Floor & Blind Co 

FSB Member 2142435

FSB member 2142435

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